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Cesar Raphael is a Brazilian Filmmaker who was born to be an artist. As a child, there was nothing he enjoyed more than making his own little films. Growing up, Cesar was lucky to turn his passion into a successful career. As a Film Director, he was awarded 15 times and had his work screened in over 35 festivals in 4 continents. Cesar was elected by FORBES as one of the 30 under 30 most prominent people in the country in Brazil; he lived in Los Angeles for 6 years where he was mentored by the OSCAR winner Writer, Director Bobby Moresco; attended schools like the New York Film Academy and the Lee Strasberg Film and Theater Institute and directed videos for world renowned dancers that have generated over 30 million views on You Tube. Besides working as a Director, Cesar is also an Actor, Writer, Producer, Choreographer, Editor and Entrepreneur, making him a rare full fledged artist and complete author in the filmmaking medium. He is also the head of the production company LUMIART, based in Brazil and Los Angeles; and has currently 2 feature films and 1 TV Series in development. Cesar is always looking for his next project or collaboration, so if you have an idea and would like to work with Cesar Raphael, please get in touch.


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